Hourly Chats Report

As online businesses get going with ClickDesk on their websites and apps, they start to pay close attention to our wide range of live chat and helpdesk analytics. In order to give you an even more detailed view of chat activity, we’ve enhanced our live chat reporting to make it easy for system administrators to check hourly chat counts. Admins can now get an accurate view of chat traffic broken down hourly and filtered by agent, department, or date range.

Hourly Chat Report

The new report is especially useful for business owners looking for more sale opportunities or considering hiring more agents for their live support teams. Grow your business based on accurate analytics about when the most chats are initiated by web visitors or agents, when chats have been missed, and more. Accurate analytics are the key to live chat growth.Hourly Chats Dropdown Reports Menu

To view the Hourly Chats Report, login to your ClickDesk Admin Dashboard. Choose Reports & Spy from the user drop-down menu on the upper right, then select Hourly Chats. The report automatically displays hourly chats for all agents in all departments, but you can set these filters any way you’d like.

Report Filters

If your goal is to constantly be improving sales and support, we’ve got your back. New to ClickDesk? Take a moment to learn more about how our reports help you make smart business decisions.