Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s that time of the year again, when we seem to leave behind all the sorrows and misfortunes of the past and look to the future with renewed hope.

The season brings with it an infectious sense of joy and happiness, after all it is the season of giving. The pleasure we derive in offering thanks and putting a smile on somebody’s face is unparalleled.

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At ClickDesk, it’s been all smooth sailing – albeit through a lot of hard work. Over the last year, we reached a major landmark; securing the trust of 35,000 businesses. Last month, we had a record number of sign-ups and delivered an astonishing 100% up time, even during a disaster such as Sandy. None of this would have been possible without your support, thank you so much for that.

As you know, we’re constantly striving to improve your overall experience with ClickDesk. We’re counting on your support as we try to scale new heights.

We’re kicking off the festive season with some fabulous Thanksgiving/Black Friday promotions, just drop in your name and email through the form here – we’ll send you a custom plan and a special discount to go with it.

Well, it’s time to say grace and dig into the roasted turkey and pumpkin pie. Happy Thanksgiving!