Growth Hacking with Infusionsoft Live Chat Integration

If you’re using Infusionsoft to power your SMB’s sales and marketing, and taking advantage of ClickDesk for live chat and customer support, then you know the value of streamlined, integrated solutions for growth hacking and customer retention. Well, we’ve got great news! Our new Infusionsoft integration combines the power of ClickDesk with the force of Infusionsoft for complete customer knowledge, lead capture and marketing automation. The integration lets you see contact info from the CRM during live chats, push new contacts to the CRM, automatically pin chat transcripts to Infusionsoft contacts, and more.

Infusionsoft Live Chat Plugin

Top 5 Benefits of Infusionsoft Live Chat Integration

  • View  up-to-date contact details from the CRM while chatting with customers – the plugin triggers a link to complete contact details
  • Add new contacts to the CRM directly from live chats with your web leads, and automatically trigger marketing automation campaigns specifically designed for leads gathered from live chat sessions
  • Push notes and automated chat transcripts to Infusionsoft so that you always have a complete view of customer interactions with your company
  • Use ClickDesk live chat to increase customer happiness through real-time support
  • Increase sales and conversions with in-app video chat, whether interacting with a  or a brand new web visitor

See Infusionsoft Contacts During Live Chats

The new integration is easy to setup. All you’ll need is an Infusionsoft account and a paid ClickDesk account. Check out our Infusionsoft live chat integration page for more info and a detailed setup guide.