Google Analytics vs. ClickDesk

There are multiple analytics platforms on the market, and users often become confused as to why the figures from these different analytics platforms don’t seem to match up. The technical explanation is that different analytics platforms use different parameters to qualify or disqualify web visitors for particular criteria. Many different factors can cause variations in the metrics, so the most important thing is to make use of what each analytics platform does best. Technical jargon aside, there’s another clear difference between ClickDesk’s analytics and Google Analytics: ClickDesk’s analytics are unique – and, we believe, uniquely useful – because they are based around user engagement.

We have heard from some ClickDesk users that when they compare figures and data from Google Analytics with data in ClickDesk such as the number of online web visitors, the numbers don’t always match up. Don’t worry! ClickDesk and Google Analytics are just measuring different things. For example, while Google Analytics removes web visitors from the visitor count when they become idle (after 10 minutes or so), ClickDesk only removes visitors from the count when they leave your website manually. Why do we do this? Our goal is always to help you increase conversions, initiate more chats, and offer complete customer service experiences, so our analytics are geared around this goal. After all, we’re a user engagement company, and that’s why you came to us.

Our user analytics are all about engagement, retention and conversion. One of our most popular features – the color coding of web visitors based on their level of activity on your site, type of chat a user is engaged in, and other factors – is just the type of real-time analytics that help your agents make the most of ClickDesk and bring customer satisfaction levels to new heights. After all, the point is to chat with users, not with numbers.

On any website that uses ClickDesk, we start to track web visitors only when at least one agent logs in. The visitors that have been on the website before an agent logs into ClickDesk are not tracked by us. This feature, coupled with our real-time filter and analytics, lets agents engages the most active users on your website, rather than losing time trying to engage those who have been on the website for quite some time or gone idle.

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