Getting Started with ClickDesk

As we launched our ClickDesk services to open beta and are accepting user signups to try the live help service for their websites, I want to walk you through the simple 3 step setup process of ClickDesk.


Step -1
Add/Manage OperatorsAdd and Manage Operators

Add the name, input the gtalk/skype id, and US phone number if you wish to receive calls.

Clicking on ‘Add Agent’ creates the operator. You can customize the chat box and assign departments for the operators in the preceding steps.


Customize the LookCustomize Chat Panel
Choosing the color to match with your website layout to adding a custom live chat image to adding social networks handles for your social toolbar, you can completely customize the look/theme of the chat box in ClickDesk.


Copy & Paste Code in your Website
The third and final step needs you to
create a department (sales, support, etc.)
and assignCopy and Paste Code the already created agents/operators (step1). You can then view the code to copy and paste it in your website to get ClickDesk running. It’s that simple.

Do not forget to accept the friend invitations you get to your gtalk/Skype from ClickDesk to receive chats from web visitors to your IM (internet messenger).


If you need any assistance you can contact us through the live help on our website.
If you are not yet part of the growing number of our users, signup now for a free 30 day trial.