Getting started with ClickDesk (2/3) – Voice Chat

Thanks for choosing ClickDesk. This post assumes that you have an account with ClickDesk and have successfully setup an agent to answer live chats. If you did not add ClickDesk to your website yet, please read our Getting started with Live Chat blog post.

In this part 2 of 3, let’s go through the setup process to start receiving phone calls from your website.


Configuring your Voice Chat settings


Agent’s Phone Settings – The call connects directly to the agent in active chat session with the visitor.

Login to your ClickDesk dashboard and click the “Agents” menu, then click on the agent you added. This takes you to the ‘Edit agent’ form. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, click the “+Phone” button and set up the option you prefer – receiving calls on Skype, Google talk, or a US phone number.


Configure Voice Chat

Global Phone Settings – During offline chat or when a voice chat is initiated by the visitor without an established live chat session with an agent (on proactive chat window), the call connects this number/IM.

Click the “Phone” menu at the navbar on top. and set the preferences for receiving calls in this page.

Default Phone Setting

Make sure to add to your Google talk. Calls from your website visitors are connected through this chat contact in your buddy list.


Please write to if you need any assistance with the setup. We are happy to help you!