Filters in Agent Panel

Our popular visitor mapping feature now includes a new suite of filters based on search criteria, with color-coded pins based on user behavior. Agents have come to rely on our real-time world map, which shows a pin for each unique visitor currently browsing your website. The new filters, found on the upper right of the agent panel, let agents filter web visitors directly on the real-time world map by setting search criteria such as visitors from a particular country, time spent on the website, or what type of chat a visitor is engaged in.

Realtime World Map

Pins are automatically color-coded to fit with different search criteria, and they are all still placed geographically. This is what each color means:

Time-based filters

  • Dark Green – Last activity was less than or equal to 2 minutes on the website

  • Light Green – Visitor has been on website from 2 – 10 minutes

  • Gray – Visitor has been on website more than 10 minutes

Chat-type filters

  • Blue – Forced chat: an agent proactively initiated a chat and the visitor accepted

  • Yellow – Active chat: visitor is engaged in a chat session with an agent

Don’t worry, visitors engaged in a chat don’t disappear from the time-based filters – they end up in both places. For example, if a user has been browsing the site for more than 10 minutes and is engaged in an active chat, they will show up in a filter for both time (shown in this case as a gray pin) and chat type (shown in this case as a yellow pin).

The map view has helped agents to pre-qualify leads and increase conversions, so we’re excited to introduce these new filters, which make the entire process more precise.

If you have any questions, please comment here or come chat with us on our website.

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