Some of Our Favorite Posts About Growth Hacking

Favorite Blog Posts About Growth Hacking

We’re feeling sentimental. 2015 was the best year yet here at ClickDesk and it was only possible because of you, our customers. It’s been great to hear all of your stories about how engaging with customers in real time has taken your business to the next level, and our dev team is thankful for the suggestions you’ve made about ways to improve the product even more. 

Despite all the amazing updates and enhancements to our live chat software this past year, it’s still designed to help you improve three things on a daily basis: sales, conversions and customer happiness.

Some people call that customer service. We call it growth hacking.

Which got us thinking. We’ve featured some great advice about growth hacking here on our own blog, both from our own authors and from guest bloggers around the world. We’ve also shared a lot of useful posts from other blogs via our Twitter and Facebook pages. Today we’re excited to share some of the best.

Some of Our Favorite Growth Hacking Posts

Top 5 Benefits of Live Chat Software – How to make 61% of online shoppers more likely to purchase a product or service.

50 Ways to Make Your First Sale – Comprehensive Shopify guide to using every possible means to hack sales online, from social networking to SEO and PR.

4 eCommerce Benefits of Video Chat Software – How to use video chat to increase sales organically, especially on an e-commerce website. This post was especially popular with customers using our live chat plugin for Shopify.

4 Ways to Grow Your Email Marketing List with Live Chat – Email marketing is essential, but only a small fraction of leads are actually going to just come to your website and sign up on their own. Here’s how to growth-hack your email list.

Growth Hacking Tricks: Turn Your Difficult Clients into Real Brand Advocates! – Super-useful guest post on the Positionly blog about how to change yoru outlook and your marketing strategy and see “difficult” customers as opportunities.

Getting Started with Marketing Automation – Whether you’re using Agile CRM for marketing automation or not, this post is a straightforward introduction to the technology and how it helps engage customers and leads automatically.

How to Keep Visitors on Your Website and Turn Them into Customers – Great post on the ClickDesk blog about how to hone in on the narrowest part of the marketing funnel.

The Nuts and Bolts of a Digital Marketing Strategy – Clear outline of marketing strategies for growth hacking, over on the SE Talks blog.

Why Customer Testimonials Are the Ultimate Growth Hacking Tool – You know how powerful testimonials can be, so why aren’t you using them correctly? We were excited to add GetResponse integration to our list of awesome plugins and integrations in 2015, and this post on their blog shows why.

Why Your Logo Design Must Be Adaptable – Fascinating guest post on the ClickDesk blog by Stuart Crawford of Inkbot Design. The piece outlines how adaptable logo design can poise a company for rapid growth.

Three Steps to Stronger Customer Retention – This guest post on the Soundest blog offers clear steps to increasing customer retention by focusing on customer happiness.

Phew! That’s a lot of great info about growth hacking tips and tricks that will take any size business growth even bigger. Don’t have time to read them all now? Bookmark this post and add it to your Sunday reading!

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