Enhanced Automatic Agent Logout

A few weeks ago we introduced a new feature called Automatic Idle Time Logout, a tool for automatically logging out agents who have become inactive or left their desk. ClickDesk users have been finding the feature immensely useful for keeping customers happy and agents on track.

Some users have requested an enhanced version of the feature that would warn agents before automatically logging them off, and we’re excited to announce that we’ve quickly solved this issue by enhancing the feature. The system now automatically alerts users two minutes before logging them out.


We value your productivity above all else, so the enhanced Automatic Idle Time Logout feature is included with all ClickDesk accounts, even free accounts. Here are two things to know about the enhanced feature:

1. Manual override: The system automatically warns idle agents two minutes before logging them out. If you are around and don’t want to be logged off, you can suspend the automatic logout action and remain logged in.

2. Or not: If the alert is not postponed or suspended, the system assumes that you are truly not around and automatically logs you out. In other words, it does exactly what it was designed to do.

Auto Logout preferences can be configured under ‘Settings’ in the Agent Panel. Preferences include amount of idle time and number of missed chats. Of course, you can also disable the Auto Logout feature by setting the variables to ‘none’.

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts on this and other ClickDesk features. Leave a comment here or drop us a line any time.

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