Enhanced Agent Reporting

Agents are at the heart of the customer experience and as your business scales, it can be hard to keep track of agent performance. That’s why we’re introducing two powerful new agent reporting features – Agent First Response Time and Average Agent Response Time.

From number of missed chats to average chat lines, ClickDesk’s live chat analytics are the best in the industry. Our in-built advanced reporting helps users to continually improve every aspect of help desk support. Enhanced agent reporting in ClickDesk will help you better understand the details of agent performance, improve response times, manage your help desk team more efficiently and increase customer satisfaction. The new metrics are available on a useful graph called Chats Response Time.


Agent First Response Time

The new “Agent First Response Time” parameter is designed to help administrators better understand agent responsiveness, both as a separate metric and in relation to average chat lengths on a particular day. Agent First Response Time shows the time (in seconds) taken by an agent to respond to incoming chats for the first time (i.e. when a web visitor first initiates a chat). The goal for any organization should be to keep this metric as low as possible, as it reflects how soon customer questions have received a first response.

While agents are often involved in many chats at once, sometimes distracted by a complicated support request, web visitors are only looking at the one chat they’ve initiated with your organization. Not only does promptness improve the customer experience, it also helps to alleviate potential customer dissatisfaction – when a prospect or customer feels neglected, you don’t only lose their business, you also run the risk of having them share their dissatisfaction with a wide audience.

On the agent side, the Agent First Response Time metric denotes several things too, including how quickly an agent greeted a customer and initiated a conversation. Here as well, the goal is to keep the metric to as low a number as possible. Just remember that agents are sometimes overloaded with other chat conversations. Always check Agent First Response Time against the number of simultaneous chats an agent was involved in at the time, before jumping to conclusions about agent performance. It might be time to hire more agents!

Average Agent Response Time 

We’ve also enhanced our agent reporting with a new “Average Agent Response Time” metric. This useful parameter shows the average time (in seconds) that an agent has taken to answer customer questions. While First Response Time indicates how soon the customer was greeted and a conversation initiated, Average Response Time indicates how long a customer had to wait for the agent to respond to their questions throughout the chat. In other words, Average Agent Response Time is a measure of how engaging an agent was throughout a chat and how quickly they responded to your web visitor’s questions.

Of course, quickness isn’t everything. It’s also important to listen carefully to a customer’s questions and make sure that you are providing useful, relevant information with a sunny disposition. As with the First Response Time metric, Average Agent Response Time should be measured alongside the number of simultaneous chats/calls an agent was handling at the time.

We hope you find the new Chats Response Time graph as useful as we do. ClickDesk is the best live chat and help desk software in the world, but we’re not content to stand on our laurels. We’re constantly adding and tweaking features to make sure you can give customers the most rewarding experience possible. If you have features you’d like to see, such as particular graphs or reports, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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