Easier, faster & better. Introducing the new Webchat

Everything should be as simple as possible. But not simpler. – Albert Einstein

In 2011, when we planned working on ClickDesk live chat tool, our goal was to develop a product that’s easier to setup & use and that never sees a downtime (We provide 99.95% uptime guarantee). When we added the combo features of voice calls & help desk, we still made sure that the setup goes as simple as possible for the end customer – YOU.

Improved Web Chat Panel

Come May 2013, we pushed ourselves to bring you a whole new interface to receive chats through your web browser. Again, with ZERO installation. You do not require even the regular Google talk or Skype messengers on your system anymore to receive chats. The new webchat (beta) works seamlessly across all major browsers (*coughs* IE7 too *coughs*)  and devices. Be it on your mobile, tablet, laptop or any PC.



How does it work?

  • You can toggle your online/offline status with just a click from the top navbar.
  • The left sidebar shows you the list of current active chat sessions and lets you engage multiple visitors simultaneously.
  • The conversation happens in the center pane. The agent can reply, transfer or close a chat and even use shortcuts. If an image speaks 1000 words, a smiley speaks the feelings of the one between the keyboard & chair. The new emoticons & colorful smileys make you :-)
  • The right sidebar shows the visitor details along with the geo location & chat history of the visitor.
  • Changing the status to “offline” during a chat conversation will still keep the current chat active, but you do not receive any new chats from the visitors

The nitty-gritty details to <3 the new webchat

Chat Panel Settings

  • Desktop notifications for new chats, replies and system messages
  • Multiple sound alerts for new chats, system messages and for messages sent & received
  • Timer to show agent’s active status
  • Warning alerts for unattended chats before getting the session terminated
  • List of available agents in the dropdown to transfer a chat
  • One-click buttons to force close a chat or ban a visitor
  • Auto hide feature for closed chat sessions

Have some fun when there are no visitors online. Bazinga!


How to activate this new webchat (Agents’ panel)?

  • Please login to your dashboard. If you do not have an account, you can signup for free here and proceed with adding an agent and pasting the code on your website.
  • Click on the “agent login” link you see at the top right corner in your dashboard home page or in your agents page.
  • Make sure that you use the agent’s login credentials (you entered while creating an agent) to login to the new web chat agents’ panel.

Please note that if an agent is “online” in the webchat panel, IM client cannot be used simultaneously for that same agent.


We promise. We deliver.

This is a beta release. Your feedback is appreciated in making this new feature better.