Drag Chat Widget

Whether or not you customize it to fit your branding, our live chat widget is designed to be helpful rather than invasive, increasing customer happiness while boosting your bottom line. But as customers spend more and more time on your site, sometimes they want to move the widget to a different spot on the page. We’ve solved this issue with a cool new feature: web visitors¬†can now drag and drop the widget anywhere in their browsers. The widget still offers the same dynamic live chat and helpdesk functionality, it’s just now movable like a digital Post-It note.


How it works

  • When a visitor expands the chat widget, then hovers their cursor over the top, a cross with arrows appears – the cursor can then be used to drag the widget anywhere on the page
  • The entire widget always stays within the visible browser window – it can’t be dragged half-way off-screen or any funny business like that
  • ¬†Clicking on the ‘collapse’ or ‘close’ icons on the widget’s upper right collapses the widget and sends it back to its original position on the page
  • There’s nothing new to install and no new code to copy (hey, we’re cloud-based!). Just refresh your page and you’re good to go

Not able to drag the widget on your site? If you aren’t seeing the draggable version of the chat widget on your site, try clearing your cache and cookies, then refreshing the page. This should solve the problem. If you’re still having an issue, please contact our support team and we’ll help you out.

Interested in putting live chat on your site? Try ClickDesk for free. You can upgrade to a paid plan to customize the widget, or just get going with our free plan, which includes voice chat and help desk ticketing.