Download Reports

We believe that you shouldn’t be held captive by your own data. That’s why we’ve made it extremely easy to export all (or any select part) of your data in ClickDesk. Our new Download Reports feature makes it remarkably easy to download exactly what you want, when you want it.

Download Reports

Anytime you are looking at transcripts in your chat history, you will now see a “Download” button. Clicking that button will let you choose fields to export for your chat transcript data.

You can choose the time period from above and select the fields required for download. You can download the entire chat history or just specific information such as visitor email, name, chat length, etc.

Full data export includes the following in CSV format:

  • Visitor Email
  • Agent Name
  • Visitor Name
  • Department Name:
  • JavaScript Variables
  • OS
  • Browser, From URL, Referrer
  • IP Address
  • Chat Length
  • City, Country
  • Initiated Message, Proactive Message
  • Status
  • Chat Type
  • Closed By
  • Start Time
  • End Time
  • Duration

CSV files can be easily converted into spreadsheets, or you can download data from a CSV file directly into pretty much any online or offline database you might be using. Leading cloud-based office suites such as Google Docs make it easy to import, export, and play with CSV files.

ClickDesk’s new Download Reports feature is currently only available to Pro and Enterprise accounts. Sign up or upgrade today.

Questions? Leave a comment here or drop us a line anytime.