Do not Hangout yet!

May 2013 – Google announced the launch of Hangouts for PCs and mobiles in the I/O conference and started updating the apps. Unfortunately, it no longer supports the XMPP protocol and none of the live chat providers who support Google Talk IM work with Google Hangouts. While we figure out a way to connect Hangouts & ClickDesk, we recommend you to try out these alternatives:

1. Use our feature-rich Agent Dashboard

Agents Dashboard

If you will be chatting using your PCs and MACs, then why not use our Agent Dashboard instead? Although GTalk comes in handy for mobile users, agents who work on regular shifts will find our Agent Dashboard a lot easier and faster. Plus, your agents get to see a map of your live visitors, handle chats, voice/video, share files and tons more.

2. Use the old Google Talk IM Client

Old gtalk IM

If you want the traditional way of having an IM client open while working, then the official GTalk IM client desktop application will do just fine.

3. Revert to old chat

Revert Old Chat

For GMail users who prefer their chats and emails in one place, you can revert Hangouts back to the old Gmail chat. Here’s a quick 30sec video showing the process to revert in Gmail.

4. Use 3rd party IM apps

3rd Party IM Apps

For mobile users, there’s nothing more convenient than having that ability to talk to your visitors while on the go. There’s a plethora of choices but it all boils down to personal preference. Here in ClickDesk, we recommend IM+ for Android users and vTok for iOS.