Chat Integration in ClickDesk

We’re excited to announce that ClickDesk now integrates seamlessly with, a popular online customer service and help desk solution for fast-growing companies. integration in ClickDesk lets you serve customers faster and better.

ClickDesk is a complete customer service tool in itself, with an inbuilt chat and help desk ticketing system, but we believe in giving customers complete freedom of choice and we are devoted to building integrations with the products you love. has been one of the top integrations requested by our users, and when you talk, we listen! Our new chat integration lets you view complete ticket histories and add chat transcripts to your ticketing system, directly from your ClickDesk live chat dashboard.

Benefits of integration in ClickDesk:

1. View complete ticket histories, instantly retrieved from – ClickDesk’s chat integration finds contacts for you, so you don’t have to waste time searching, then pulls a complete ticket history and pops it up for browsing.

 2. Add chat transcripts as tickets to your account – Instantly convert customer service chats into tickets for follow-up, or add a chat to an existing ticket as a message.

3. Save time and money – Increase productivity dramatically by automatically viewing recent and open requests from a particular customer. ClickDesk’s chat integration makes complete customer information available right in the chat window. Chat transcripts are automatically added to your account, and visitor details (name, email, etc.) are added as notes to your contacts.

To combine the power of ClickDesk’s live chat with your account, you need a Pro/Enterprise ClickDesk account along with a subscription. Don’t have a subscription ? Sign up for an account today. Even our most powerful plans are remarkably affordable.

How to configure the integration

Please refer to our chat integration guide to configure the integration and start increasing customer satisfaction dramatically!