Customer Experience Gets Even Better

Do you feel silly when you are waiting for a reply and it turns out that the visitor has left your chat? Do you keep wondering whether the person on the other side is replying to your question or not? Do you hesitate to write a response because you are not sure whether the visitor has finished his/her question yet?

The answer to all these questions, for most of us, is yes. Agents and visitors face such situations every day. So to make live chat more effective, which has been our unaltered goal since inception, ClickDesk introduced a simple yet effective solution: Keystroke Preview.


What’s more in Keystroke Preview?
Whenever you begin typing a new message, the person at the other end of chat gets an alert that you are typing something.

Keystroke Preview

How do you use it?
If you have a ClickDesk account, you simply need to login to your agent panel and use our web chat interface to connect with your website visitors. You can see when and what your visitors are typing in, and they can see typing notifications in their chat window while you answer their questions.

What is so special about it?
Agents and visitors get to know whether the person on the other side is writing something. Sometimes questions are very lengthy from visitors and it takes a long time for an agent to answer. In such cases, visitors tend to feel neglected that they are not appropriately attended while agents are wondering if the visitor is done with typing yet.

Keystroke Preview completely eliminates such situation that could cause accidental misunderstandings which leads to a negative customer experience. It’s a win-win for everyone!