Custom Email Templates for HelpDesk Responses

Like the old joke says about voting, helpdesk messaging is best done early and often. But seriously, automated responses via email are one of the simplest and most effective ways to increase customer satisfaction. We’re happy to announce that you can now customize the content for automated email responses.

Email Template Customization

Unlike with brick-and-mortar stores where customers can be easily overwhelmed by too much attention, when it comes to online businesses, over-communication and “oversharing” with your customers can be a key to success. Always keep customers in the loop. No matter how many customers you might have, remember that each individual customer is in a one-on-one relationship with your business.

Benefits for Customers

Here are just a few of the benefits of customized auto responses:

  • Improved CX: Quite simply, automated responses let customers know you care. They get instant confirmations that you’ve received their message and are looking into their query.
  • Streamlined Communications: With a custom email template, you can make it easy for customers to follow-up on their query by simply replying to the email. Customize the text to be clear about your #custserv process.
  • Consistent Messaging: With built-in marketing automation, ClickDesk is designed to be helpful and personalized. Like Agile CRM, we believe in marketing automation as customer service. When you customize your automated email responses, you’re creating a happier user path for your customers.

How to Customize the Email Template

To configure your helpdesk email template, login to the ClickDesk Admin Panel. From the main menu, go to Help Desk > Settings > Email Template ( 

You can make any changes to the content you’d like. You can also just save the default text. Either way, editing the template enables the feature.

Custom Email Templates in ClickDesk Helpdesk

ClickDesk accounts include a default set of Automations to make your customer support process as seamless as possible. You can change these settings from the Help Desk > Automations menu (

It’s always a pleasure to introduce a new feature like this because we get to see instant improvements in customer happiness, for both our customers (you) and your customers! Check out ClickDesk’s live chat product overview for more details about how we can help you grow sales and increase customer satisfaction.

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