Custom CSS in ClickDesk

If you run a website, you spend a lot of time with cascading style sheets (CSS), a style language that defines the layout of HTML documents. Today we’re excited to announce the release of Custom CSS in ClickDesk. Users can now completely customize the look and feel of our chat widget to suit their brand and needs. Our new CSS customization feature gives you complete control over all of the HTML elements in the ClickDesk live support widget, including fonts, colors and HTML element styles.


Beyond simply changing the look and feel of ClickDesk on your site or app, such as offering different colored widgets for different departments, you can also now modify your language settings at the department level. For instance, if you need to offer support in two different languages – say, English and Japanese – you can use the custom CSS functionality to override HTML elements on a departmental basis (one department for English, one for Japanese).

That’s just one example of advanced modification, but the possibilities are endless. In short, you now have total control over how ClickDesk appears to your web visitors – you can “paint” a new user experience, pixel by pixel. We’re eager to see what you come up with.

How to Modify CSS in ClickDesk

  • Login to your admin account. Click ‘Themes’ in the header, then click ‘Advanced’ – here’s theĀ direct link.
  • Note that this feature is currently only available in team plans and also on enterprise plan (individual agent plans).
  • A word of caution: only HTML and CSS developers should make such modifications, as you need to be extremely careful about which elements you override. Even the most popular browsers do not interpret HTML and CSS elements the same way and if you aren’t careful the widget could look radically different across browsers. Please test accordingly before deployment.

We’re all about customization and customer happiness here at ClickDesk. Our API in REST and JavaScript makes it easy to integrate our live chat and helpdesk functionality with your existing apps, control panel or website, and our social media integration and agent avatars help put a face and a voice to your brand. Custom CSS was the obvious next step.

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