Consolidated Admin & Agent Panels

We like to make things as streamlined as possible here at ClickDesk, and switching between the admin panel and the agent panel (the chat panel) is now much simpler. Our new consolidated admin & agent panels make it easy for users to switch between panels as needed. Agents now have one additional way to login besides their custom URL, and admins (system administrators) can now access the agent (chat) panel directly from the admin dashboard, and agents can also access system settings (widgets, reports, agent access, etc.) directly from the chat panel.

Previously, ClickDesk accounts provided two different logins: a login for admins to configure ClickDesk settings (, sometimes referred to as the system panel), and a login for agents to take chats, track web visitors, capture screenshots, initiate chats, answer tickets, and do all of the other cool interactive things that have made you and your web visitors come to rely on ClickDesk. We kept these two logins separate to allow for custom domains (eg. an domain for agents of company zzz to login to agent panel). Our new system of consolidated panels still allows for custom domains, it just means that agents have an additional way to login from admin panel as well.

In the new system, when a ClickDesk user logs in to the system panel, the system automatically checks to see if they’re an admin or just an agent. Admins see two options: one to configure account settings, one to take chats.

consolidated web panel

















 If an agent logs in to the system panel, they are automatically redirected to the chat panel. This way, agents can still login and access the chat panel from their company’s custom URL (, just like they’ve been doing all along, but they can also access the chat from the system panel (

Agents Login Panel

Additionally, admins can login via the custom URL and access system settings under the user dropdown menu on the upper right. When an admin logs in to a custom ClickDesk URL, the system recognizes them as an admin and shows this “Manage ClickDesk Settings” option.

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