ClickDesk now integrates with Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a popular product for email campaigns, newsletters, online event management and social media marketing. Many ClickDesk customers use Constant Contact’s Small Business Marketing tools for user engagement and customer acquisition, but when you are already engaged in a ClickDesk chat with a customer or prospect, it can be time-consuming and confusing to login separately to your Constant Contact account to find their information or add them to a marketing campaign. We have solved this issue and made things easier than ever.

ClickDesk’s one-click Constant Contact live chat integration allows for quick access to Constant Contact’s data and features. Once you integrate your Constant Contact account with your ClickDesk account, you’ll stay sane while giving your web visitors instant gratification!

Benefits of Constant Contact Chat Integration:

1. Instant access to subscription information:

Get instant access to subscription lists while engaged in a chat with an existing customer. Unsubscribe the customer from lists or add them to new ones from within the chat window.

Use ‘/unsubscribe CampaignName’ to remove a customer from a campaign.

2. Add visitors to campaigns with one click:

Now you can add visitors to email campaigns directly from the live chat window. Send product information, up-selling emails and more, all with one click. Web visitors love this instant gratification (and you no longer need to wait to see if they signup using a provided link!).

Use ‘/subscribe Campaign_name’ to add a customer to a campaign.

 ClickDesk’s Constant Contact live chat plugin is a simple and powerful way to combine email marketing with the best in live chat technology. To combine the power of Constant Contact and ClickDesk, you’ll need a Pro/Enterprise ClickDesk account and a Constant Contact subscription.

Our Constant Contact live chat page has detailed instructions about setting up and using this integration.

Don’t delay! Sign up for a ClickDesk account and a Constant Contact account today and get ready for some very happy users.