ClickDesk is Now in Public Beta

After a long coding cycle, market validation, UX testing and plenty enough initial beta feedback (quite positive), ClickDesk is finally live.

I thank you all for being supportive and proactive in sharing your feedback, ideas and feature suggestions. It made us improve the service and extend the feature set during the closed beta stage. Now that we are open to public sign-ups, we anticipate much more healthy discussions, feedback and constructive criticism to make ClickDesk a great success.

ClickDesk's Public Beta Release

It all began when we were looking for a live help chat tool that comes completely hosted. Since we were left with no good options, we coded one! In closed beta mode, it was only through your feedback and feature request (multiple) for the ability to make calls through website and speak to the agent, we could manage to integrate VoIP calls functionality with the help of browser phone technology. That saw an overwhelming response.

Realizing that the world is moving social and getting closer virtually, we went ahead with integration of social toolbar to get facebook, twitter and linkedin buttons and streams on the chat window.

Today, we launched ClickDesk and are as delighted as you are.

We love listening stories. Please share your initial experience of using ClickDesk with our team. Write to support [at] :)

Image credits: flickr