ClickDesk Introduces Video Chat

The more options you allow your visitors to reach you leads to more interaction, better conversion rates and improved user experience. With ClickDesk, you can chat, do voice calls or even talk face to face with your website visitors.Video ChatOur 2-way voice/video chat option is powered by WebRTC. It offers web application developers the ability to write rich, realtime multimedia applications (think video chat) on the web, without requiring plugins, downloads or installs. It’s purpose is to help build a strong RTC platform that works across multiple web browsers, across multiple platforms. (snip from WebRTC’s overview page). Since this technology is relatively new, it only works on browsers that support WebRTC namely Chrome, Firefox and Opera (all latest builds). As soon as other browsers catch up, this will revolutionize the way you engage with your site visitors.

This post assumes that you have the video chat installed on your website. To understand how these features work, pretend you’re both the agent and visitor on this scenario. Please use Chrome on this test as it works best with our Agent Dashboard:

  1. Login to your Agent Dashboard and ensure you are online as the agent

  2. Reload your website and initiate a test chat as the visitor

  3. Reply to the test chat as the agent to trigger an active chat session

  4. Once there’s an active chat, click the Phone/Video icon for Voice/Video respectively

Video Chat Setup

  1. Since it’s a 2-way feature, an agent may also initiate voice/video calls straight from the Agent Dashboard using the buttons at the top of the conversation window


Companies in the IT support industry, medical services, and similar businesses would benefit a lot with this feature. Now, you can see what your clients wanted to show you in a seamless and effortless manner. We highly recommend that you use this feature – If chats and calls won’t suffice to assist them online, then have them talk to you face to face and start providing that awesome support experience!

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