ClickDesk App for Facebook

We’re excited to announce that ClickDesk now works as an integrated live chat app for Facebook fan pages. Our new Facebook integration┬álets customers reach you directly from your Facebook page. Many of you have sent us great feedback over the years about how the social toolbar on our live chat widget has helped you to increase social traffic and organic marketing for your brand. The new plugin takes our social media integration even further. Once your customers have found you on Facebook, they can now start a chat or open a support ticket directly from your business’s fan page.


Consumers today are on Facebook all day, every day. Make it easy for them to reach you in a snap! Our new live chat Facebook plugin has features designed to improve sales, conversions, support and retention:

  • Easy Setup: Set up the Facebook Chat Integration in just a few minutes. All you need is a ClickDesk account and a Facebook fan page for your business.
  • Live Chat: Customers start chats from your Facebook page. Agents receive chats and answer customer questions in real time.
  • Offline Messaging: The app works with ClickDesk’s offline messaging and email help desk. Never┬ámiss a customer issue, compliment or request.
  • Customization: Choose which of your ClickDesk departments receives chats from Facebook. Decide what info customers need to log before contacting you.

After the super-easy activation of the integration, ClickDesk Live Chat shows up as one of the main tabs on your Facebook page. Social media visitors just click the tab, enter their details and ping your support agents. It’s that simple!


Chats go straight to your agents just like they were coming in from the live support widget on your website. It’s a huge benefit for your customers, without your agents needing to learn any new tools. And chats started on your Facebook page are included in our reports and analytics, so you can always be improving your online support.

Our Facebook integration page has setup instructions and more details, and don’t forget to check out our useful SlideShare presentation on how to optimize Facebook for customer service with ClickDesk chat integration.

Whether you’re thinking of trying ClickDesk for the first time or getting ready to upgrade your account and raise your business to the next level, browsing our plugins and integrations is a great place to start. We don’t just integrate seamlessly with your social media platforms–we also integrate with your favorite CRM, CMS, accounting software, and more.