ClickDesk Announces Team Pricing

It’s great to have a dedicated customer support team, but we feel that everyone in a company should contribute to customer support. Why not have your entire team join in? That way, you can encourage a culture of customer insight and customer service while helping to build empathy for your customers.

With this in mind, we’ve launched our new Team Pricing plans.  All of our team plans come with features like CRM Integration, API Support, Chat Transfer, File Sharing and Targeted Chat. For just $30 per month, you get 4 agents in your plan. And the best part is that our team pricing plans are more cost-effective the larger your company.

Live Chat Team Pricing

With Team Plans we ensure there’s a right plan for businesses of every shape and size:

  • Our Professional Team Plan for groups of 4 agents is ideal for a startup or SMB that is beginning to scale or seeing/expecting a surge in traffic.

  • Our Growing Business Team Plan will get 8 agents up and running with additional features including advanced analytics, chat conference, priority levels and personalized corporate branding.

  • And our Enterprise Team Plan is exactly what it sounds like: all of the above features, plus our renowned agent training and phone support for up to 15 agents.

As you move up to more advanced Team Plans, you get even more dynamic features:

  • Chat Conference: Growing Business and higher team plans include this powerful feature that lets you add new team members to a chat conference, collaborate and discuss ideas.

  • Priority Levels: This team-oriented feature lets your entire team stay online at the same time. You set priority levels for agents, then Level 2 agents receive chats when level 1 members are fully engaged, etc. The Priority Levels feature is included with Growing Business and higher team plans.
  • Agent Training: While we believe our software is intuitive for all of our users, we offer tutorials and demos to help your agents get started with ClickDesk. Our Enterprise team plans include the added bonus of live agent training and phone support.

ClickDesk’s new Team Pricing plans are a cost-effective way to grow a customer-focused business and a world-class team.

Questions? Leave a comment here or drop us a line anytime.