Chimp gets Chatty!

We’re back to add to our ever growing list of plugins and integrations, this time around we’ve got Freddie, the Mailchimp on board.


Mailchimp chat

MailChimp Chat Integration

MailChimp has revitalized the e-mail marketing and newsletter delivery space and is quickly growing into an industry leader. MailChimp offers a great way of building lists, designing custom newsletters and delivering them to subscribers. You’re also able to share content on social networks and track results of a marketing campaign through MailChimp.

With the ClickDesk–Mailchimp chat integration, users can make use of the awesome multi-channel technology ClickDesk offers to engage visitors and turn them into subscribers. What else can you do?

The Uber Cool Features

  • No installation hassles; just enter your MailChimp API and you’re off.
  • The MailChimp chat integration enables operators to add contacts instantly from their IM (Gtalk) to the subscribers list.
  • Existing subscriber details auto populate on the operator’s IM giving them details such as name, email, subscribed to list name and location.
  • The MailChimp live chat integration will also enable operators to subscribe or unsubscribe a visitor while chatting directly from Google talk.

For more information about the MailChimp live chat integration and a guide to set it up click here