Introducing Chats by Country Report


Our development team has been hard at work on new reporting tools and enhanced analytics. We’ll be introducing multiple reports over the next few months to help you become even more productive and effective in engaging your web visitors, while giving you powerful business insights and actionable data. Online business is a global enterprise these days, so it’s no surprise that the first new, customizable report shows Chats by Country.

Available in the advanced reports section of the admin panel, the Chats by Country report shows the top countries where you’ve been receiving chats. From the top of the reports page you can filter the chat count by date range, department, company or agent.


The chat count automatically includes all chat types, including proactive chats. You can filter different types of chats using the drop-down menu on the upper right of the report. These chat-type filters include Visitor Initiated, Proactive, Missed and Offline.


The Chats by Country report is an advanced addition to the global view of chats you get in the agent panel. Our customers love those real-time filters and sorting options, which let you filter web visitors while they’re actually on your site or app. We hope that this new report will give a useful overview of how your business is doing in different parts of the globe, whether you’re seeking to target new countries or to bring your agents’ focus back to one particular country.

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