Chat Transcripts from Last 24 Hours

How do you improve live chat productivity every day? Sometimes the simplest answer is also the most effective: review your own performance. Our live chat analytics are a powerful way to help your customer engagement team improve everything from agent performance and helpdesk response rates to live chat messaging and chat shortcuts. But we know that sometimes smaller is better, so we’ve also added a feature that lets individual agents quickly review all of their chat transcripts from the last 24 hours, right from the agent panel.

Live Chat Transcripts from Last 24 Hours

As the leading live chat software with chat transcripts and helpdesk integration, ClickDesk is devoted to helping customer service agents manage their time as effectively as possible. You should always be asking questions such as: How many chats can I handle? Do I get a better response from proactive chats? Should I login at different times? We’re here to help you answer the big questions that have a major effect on your business.

Chat Transcripts Icon

To access the 24-hour view of your personal chat transcripts, login to your agent account and select the chat bubble icon from the main sidebar menu. (In the old UI, open the agent drop-down menu and go to Agent Settings > Chat Details). Note that full archives of chat transcripts for all the agents on your ClickDesk plan are still available from the admin panel. This new feature is just an additional enhancement.

This feature is designed to help you manage your time more effectively and increase customer happiness. Any questions, drop us a line anytime. Power to the agents!