ClickDesk live chat extension for Joomla

Today, ClickDesk released it’s Joomla live chat extention for Joomla websites. Joomla users can now provide live chat support to their website visitors instantly. All the features of ClickDesk are supported and can be used on a Joomla site with this plugin.

“An extension to your social media presence or website” – 4.5/5 Network World


Watch Setup Video

1. Upload and Install the downloaded zip file from your extensions manager

2. Go to component -> clickdesk
Wait for the webpage to completely load. Signup and configure.
Click ‘install plugin’ in the ClickDesk dashboard page after setting up operator and deparment

3. You should now see your WidgetID field filled automatically

4. Search for ‘clickdesk’ in the plugins section

5. Enable it

ClickDesk’s Joomla chat now appears on your Joomla website.