Block Unwanted Web Visitors

Unfortunately, not all web traffic is desirable. The truth is that sometimes web visitors will be spammy or abusive. Agents understandably get frustrated with visitors like that, so at our users’ request we’ve developed a new feature that lets you block unwanted visitors directly from the agent dashboard. The cool new tool lets you block visitors during live chats and make sure they don’t bother your company or your agents in the future.

Block Unwanted Web Visitors

How to Block a Web Visitor

An agent can easily block a visitor during a live chat. In the agent dashboard (web chat panel), just click the Block button below the visitor info on the right side of the chat conversation. Once the agent blocks a visitor, the IP of the visitor is automatically blocked in your ClickDesk account from that point going forward. Visitors from the blocked IP address will no longer be able to start chats with your company.

Then What Happens?

Once a web visitor is blocked, you can view them in your list of blocked visitors and unblock them if necessary. To view the list of blocked visitors, login to the Agent Dashboard and select Blocked Visitors from the user drop-down menu on the upper right. You’ll now see the list of blocked visitors, along with their visitor info, when they were blocked, which agents blocked them, and their IP address. To unblock a visitor just click Unblock.

Blocked Visitors List

We’re not just the customer happiness company here at ClickDesk, we’re also the agent happiness company! Let’s keep working together to build a better Internet.