Basecamp Integration in ClickDesk

We’re excited to announce that ClickDesk now integrates seamlessly with Basecamp. Many businesses rely on Basecamp for project management and collaboration, and one of the most requested features for ClickDesk has been integration with Basecamp. It was an obvious fit: Basecamp is the world’s #1 project management tool, and ClickDesk is the best live chat product out there.

basecamp chat

With ClickDesk integration you can convert live chat transcripts into new Basecamp messages. So whether it’s a bug you came across during a chat meeting or there’s a feature request you would like to discuss in a team meeting, just convert the chat into a Basecamp message and add it to your current working project. That way the info you need will be right there when you need it, and nothing will be lost in the information funnel.

How to set up Basecamp chat integration:

1. Authorize the app:
Login to your ClickDesk account and navigate to Base Camp Chat Integration and click on ‘Authorize App’.

2. Select the right account and project:
Add the Basecamp account and project you would like to be associated with your ClickDesk account.

3. Convert chats to messages:
After you’ve authorized the app and added an account/project, you’ll be able to convert ClickDesk chats into Basecamp messages. It’s that easy!

basecamp clickdesk setup

Please write to us at if you have any questions. Currently the Basecamp chat integration is available to Pro and Enterprise plan users only.

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