How to Deal with Bad Customer Experience and Social Media

Let’s admit. All of us have that one customer who screams at us and makes fuss about how bad our customer service is albeit of all the efforts we put to provide great live chat support. In fact it is easy to handle these people as they tell you how bad you are, giving you a chance to recognize and improve. But in few bad cases, the customer might go ahead and leave a bad review, rating or might even blog or tweet about it. Imagine if the same person is a pro blogger or a social media junkie.

Here are few tips to take the situation to your control. Comcast did it. Airbnb did it. Learn from them.

Act fast! – If you do not, your competitors will!

Always be on your toes to identify the customers who leave. It is a great idea to ask for feedback every time they opt out of your mailing list or stop renewing the subscription. These are truly the tough people for you to identify if they are happy or not.

Customer Service Experience

 Apologize: – “Customer is always right.”

Again, be quick. Do not justify. Keep the pride and ego aside and sincerely apologize for the bad experience and inconvenience caused. Trying to justify on why it happened so brings no good at to your business at this point of time.

Do not argue – You can never win an argument.

Understand the level of frustration the customer might have gone through which probed them to actually air their views in public. Politely ask the customer if it is possible for them to update the post or followup about the issue on the same social platform.

Request to update – Do not force

There are times I withdrew my negative status updates. The moment of anger caused due to bad experience using certain products and services caused me to shout in the social space. But it takes no time to understand and realize the business situation after receiving a friendly mail or call from the representative “apologizing” for whatever happened. In fact it amuses the customer at the level of care you take for your brand and your customers.

Thank them – Your gestures speak

Cheer and thank your customers ahead. Give them an awesome experience this time. Write a post in your company blog or publish a open letter explaining the things (again, do not try to justify), facts and how you managed to be back and serve better.

Offer a freebie – You are not bribing!This is just a way of showing them that you value their opinions and assure them these bad experiences doesn’t happen again. Give them a commitment that the problem shall be solved ASAP, if it still isn’t in the first place.

image credits: internet/unknown