Awesome Helpdesk now Included Free of Cost!

Today is a big day for all of us at ClickDesk. We’ve silently been working on a killer feature for the last six months and put a lot of effort into it. Finally, we’re there.

We constantly look to our customers for inspiration and take their feedback very seriously. Our Customers were finding it difficult to manage offline messages and support e-mails through an independent help desk, that’s when we decided get our own help desk.

There are lots of full-blown helpdesk tools out there with complex and cluttered UI as they cater to enterprises and mid-size companies. We were hell bent on getting the interfaceright and wanted to offer a help desk for startups and entrepreneurs with the right balance without the bells and whistles. The inspiration for the interface came from Twitter and we felt – using a help desk should be as simple as using Twitter.

We’ve always believed multi-channel communications should be offered as one bundle and not a la-carte. The new help desk feature is available in all plans, free of cost.

How can you add it? Login to your ClickDesk dashboard and enable the option ‘Add Helpdesk’ and setup your preferences.

Here’s your first look at the Helpdesk –

Help Desk Software by ClickDesk

We’ve also made a cool animated video about ClickDesk, check it out here –
Let us know what you think of our new help desk, we always love hearing from you.

That’s the show for tonight folks. Tune-in tomorrow and we’ll do How to get started with ClickDesk’s new Helpdesk?