Automatic Idle Time Logout for Agents

Some of you are masters of customer service and sales hustling, replying to chats on the ClickDesk Agent Panel as soon as they come in, answering emails on the weekend and diligently logging off after work. Then there are some of us who can’t quite manage to be on all the time, those of us who prefer to leave work at work. Let’s say that you forget to log off after work, or maybe you just leave your desk to grab some tea and forget to set your status as offline. In both cases, you will continue to get chat requests from your website visitors. Those chat requests will be ignored and unanswered, and you will end up with a lot of unhappy customers on your hands!

You no longer need to worry. With ClickDesk’s new Idle Time Logout feature, you can easily set preferences for automatic logout of idle agents from the agent panel. You can automatically logout agents based on length of idle time, number of missed chats, or both.


You’ll find a link to set Auto Logout preferences under ‘Settings’ in the Agent Panel. The preferences are very straightforward:

1. Idle time: Select the amount of idle time that should pass before the agent is automatically logged out. You can choose between 10, 15 and 20 minutes.

2. Number of missed chats: Select the number of missed chats necessary for the system to auto-logout the agent.  Following are considered as missed chats:

  • Chats unanswered by an agent which were eventually closed after 10 mins of wait time by visitors.
  • Chat initiated and closed immediately by a visitor.

Because we want everyone to be able to take a break in peace, auto logout functionality is available on all plans. Let us know what you think on, or leave a comment here.