Automate your HelpDesk – Send Email, IM alerts, change status and more!

Ever wondered how Fortune500 companies manage their helpdesk, respond faster to the tickets and maintain service level agreements?  We bring the same technology to your ClickDesk helpdesk now. *drumrolls*


helpdesk automations


What are automations?

Automations are the actions performed instantly as per the rules setup when a new ticket or note is created.


How to setup automations in ClickDesk?

helpdesk automation setup

1. Login to your ClickDesk admin dashboard

2. Go to ‘HelpDesk’ in the top menu and click on the ‘Automations’ tab. You can edit existing automations or add new ones.

3. As shown in the screenshot below, you can add rules (and/or) to match the conditions. If the conditions are matched as per the rules setup, an action is performed. You can even add multiple actions to be performed on a single automation rule.

4. Place holders are shortcut texts which can be used in your automations content. Click on ‘select placeholders’ link to view all the available placeholders.

For e.g: %ticket_id% gets replaced with the unique ticket id auto generated by the system when a new ticket is created.


Some examples to get started

1. You can send an IM alert to live chat agents when a ticket is assigned to them. Agents get notified on their Google talk or Skype

2. Automatically send an email to the customer when the status of a ticket is updated.

3. Send an email to any agent or all the agents in a department when a new note is added to a ticket.


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