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ClickDesk Safe from Heartbleed

Since the announcement of the Heartbleed bug a few days ago, the Internet has been swamped with information and speculation about the security vulnerability. ClickDesk users can rest assured that Heartbleed did not affect ClickDesk. We proactively applied patches to all of our servers, and we didn’t find any of your ClickDesk data to be compromised.

ClickDesk Safe From Heartbleed Bug


Filters in Agent Panel

Our popular visitor mapping feature now includes a new suite of filters based on search criteria, with color-coded pins based on user behavior. Agents have come to rely on our real-time world map, which shows a pin for each unique visitor currently browsing your website. The new filters, found on the upper right of the agent panel, let agents filter web visitors directly on the real-time world map by setting search criteria such as visitors from a particular country, time spent on the website, or what type of chat a visitor is engaged in.

Realtime World Map

Introducing Visitor Screenshots

ClickDesk has the industry’s most impressive array of live-chat functionality, from video to text, but sometimes nothing is more useful to resolving a customer issue quickly and precisely than seeing their actual screen, the way they see it. Our new screenshot function lets agents do exactly that, with the click of a button. When agents push the “Get Screenshot” button, they receive a screenshot of the visitor’s current browser window.


Visitors ScreenShot

Idle Time Alerts for Agents

If you’ve already signed up for ClickDesk, you understand that seeing visitors in real time is the key to identifying – and converting – new leads. It can be very exciting when agents start chatting with lots of web visitors, but don’t forget: Once those visitors are engaged in a chat, it is extremely important that agents respond to them in a timely manner! As agents often end up on multiple chats simultaneously, they risk customers feeling neglected or wondering where the agent has gone. That’s why we’ve introduced Idle Time Alerts in ClickDesk. Agents can now easily set up timed alerts which let them know when an ongoing chat has been idle for 45, 60 or 90 seconds (it’s up to you). This way you can ping customers at the right time to keep them engaged and let them know that you are working on their queries.

Idle time alert

Agent Panel Update: “Initiate Chat” under maintenance

App is being updated


We’re looking out for you here at ClickDesk. Over the last week, we’re making changes to our “Initiate Chat” feature inside the Agent Panel to make it even better. The feature allows an agent to start a chat with a visitor browsing your website/application.

This means that for our customers for the next couple of days, the feature would be unavailable. Tune into @ClickDesk for more updates.

Please contact us at support@clickdesk.com if you have any questions or leave a comment here.


[UPDATE]: ‘Initiate chat’ has been fixed and is live again. Please get back to us if you have any questions.

P.S. Thanks to flickr for the image.


ClickDesk integrates with Chargify

Chargify Live Chat


Did you know accessing information from multiple systems real-time is the biggest problem faced by customer support agents? Looking up various systems while the customer is on an active call or chat takes away the agent’s focus and impacts customer satisfaction levels.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have all the customer information at a glance?

At ClickDesk, we strive to provide you the best tools to improve customer engagement. With ClickDesk, the complete customer information from your Zoho CRM to Zendesk ticketing system is readily available in the chat window. We have now taken it one step further by integrating with Chargify live chat, the popular billing software to manage recurring subscriptions.

Chargify is helping companies build innovative web applications without worrying about managing recurring subscriptions. With the Chargify chat integration, the customer’s subscription details are readily available for support agents in the IM/agent panel.

Some of the benefits of the Chargify live chat integration:

1. Provide priority support:

Identify your paid customers using chargify subscription details and give extra attention to your VIP customers.

2. Resolve billing issues faster:

Billing issues are notorious for confusing customer support agents. Varying levels of access makes it even more difficult. Our Chargify chat integration empowers your support agents by giving them access to billing through simple chat commands. This ensures that your customers get the best support they deserve.

How to Setup:

Go to Chargify live chat Integration to enable now. Refer to our Setup page for detailed instructions. It’s pretty simple and takes 60 seconds.

Please write to us at support@clickdesk.com if you have any questions.

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