Agent Activity Reports

ClickDesk’s reporting tools are a popular way to keep track of helpdesk agent activity, offering key metrics to help you improve agent performance and customer happiness. Our reports are particularly helpful for business owners who may have outsourced their live chat to other companies. Our new Agent Activity Report offers an even more comprehensive view of agent activity, including details such as the duration of an agent’s work session and the channels on which that agent was available (Agent Dashboard, Google Talk, Skype, Mobile App). Basically, it’s a view of agent presence.


The useful new report provides complete agent activity details. You can access the report from in the ‘Advanced Reports’ tab on the ‘Reports & Spy’ page in your ClickDesk admin panel. You can view all agent activity at once or filter by a specific agent. You can also filter by department or time frame. You will automatically see which channel an agent was available on.

These new presence reports are a good compliment to our agent performance reports, which includes stats on number of chats completed and average response time. Don’t forget to check out our entire range of new reporting features and old standbys.

Suggestions for new types of analytics? Drop us a line anytime.