Advanced Help Desk Filters

Everyone knows that agents do the heavy lifting, and our goal here at ClickDesk is always to help you lift with ease. That’s why we’re introducing advanced filters in our help desk. The new filters make it easy for agents to focus on essential tickets.


New Helpdesk Filters

Our new advanced filters can be applied on departments, agents, ticket status, last updater (customer or agent), and time elapsed since the tickets have been updated. For example, agents can use the new filters to display only tickets that have been received in the last 48 hours and have not been closed. The new filters are in drop-down menus, making it easy to apply them with just a few clicks.

Saving and Repeating

To enhance the experience further, agents can also save these searches or future use or reference. Saved searches are available on the left side of helpdesk panel. Agents can re-run saved searches with a single click.

Go to your ClickDesk help desk panel and the new filters will now automatically load in the left column. Check them out and let us know your thoughts. Most of our new features here at ClickDesk develop out of feedback from users just like you!

Note that these helpdesk filters are different – and run in a different place – from our live chat map filters, which let agents filter web visitors in real time.