Add live chat widget to your Tumblr Blog

ClickDesk now powers more than 40 million tumblrs. Tumblr has seen a huge growth in the past 3 years. Right from the daily food blogger to tech enthusiasts to corporate companies, everyone embraced tumblr for the simplicity and clean designs. ClickDesk live help can be added to your tumblr blog easily by pasting our live chat code.

Tumblr Chat Plugin

How to add Tumblr chat widget to your blog :

1. Login to your Tumblr dashboard, go to your blog tab and click on ‘customize appearance’

2. In the left sidebar of themes, click on ‘Edit HTML’ and find the {/block:Posts} in the code

3. Login to your ClickDesk dashboard and ‘Get your code’. Copy the live chat code

4. Paste the ClickDesk live chat code just before the </div> tag above the {/block:Posts} tag in your Tumblr theme HTML

5. Save it. Tumblr chat widget now appears on your Tumblr blog.

After registering at ClickDesk, you get few contact requests from our live chat bots to your IM (Google talk or Skype). Please accept them all and when the live chat code is pasted in your Tumblr theme HTML, you can start receiving live chats and calls from your Tumblr blog and respond to them on your IM.

Please contact our live chat support team or write to for any further assistance or visit our Tumblr live chat setup page

Happy to Help!