Add Live Chat to your osCommerce store

ClickDesk today released osCommerce live chat addon which helps the store owners to install ClickDesk on their websites. A live chat software for oscommerce would allow visitors to chat or call the agents directly from the website. Engage with your customers through osCommerce chat on your store and increase sales.

osCommerce live chatFeatures of osCommerce Live Chat Plugin:

– View the products being browsed by the visitors in the live chat
– Offer discount coupons automatically through live chat on ┬áspecial prodcuts
– Receive live chats and calls directly from your store to your IM (Skype or Google Talk)
– Reduce shopping cart abandonment by engaging with customer during purchase
– Provide updates, new, shipping details etc on key products instantly

More information and instructions to configure ClickDesk on osCommerce can be found in our live chat plugins page.