Activity Monitor and Coach

As an extension of our endeavor to help you perform better as a team and help your company as a whole provide better customer service, we’ve introduced a new Activity Monitor and Coach feature that allows you to silently monitor agents to improve quality and customer experience.

Activity Monitor


Our activity monitor puts you in control and makes your job easier by allowing you to monitor agents without them knowing, producing better results and improving your customer service experience. We feel the activity monitor is particularly useful for large and geographically dispersed agents, as remote agents can be monitored and coached.

Benefits of Activity Monitor:

Monitor: Silently monitor agent performance from your desk without the agent being aware that they are being monitored

Coach: Coach the agent by listening to the conversation and providing instructions to go better.

The Activity Monitor feature displays pertinent information:

  • Active agents
  • Time period since each agent has been active
  • Number of active chats for each agent
  • Total answered chats

And super useful tools:

  • Close a chat with an agent using a link
  • Keep customers happy by force-logging out any agent that has forgotten to log out
  • Monitor any chat from the active chats list, and help the agent if needed

How to access Activity Monitor:

To access Activity Monitor, go to ‘Spy’ under your user settings on the dashboard.

monitor agents

Activity Monitor Setup



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