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Top 4 Reasons to Integrate Live Chat with Your CRM

Top 4 Reasons to Integrate Live Chat with Your CRM

It might seem like the main goal of integrating your live support software with your CRM is just to track tickets. While that’s an obvious value, the top benefits of live chat CRM integration are much bigger and more comprehensive.

Using Live Chat to Sell Throughout the Customer Lifecycle

Using Live Chat to Sell Throughout the Customer Lifecycle

Live chat software has the potential to turn any small business into a thriving enterprise, whether you’re selling hats with pictures of your dog on them, or advanced B2B SaaS tools (or SaaS tools for puppies, if that’s your thing). But customers are increasingly bombarded by information and advertisements from all directions, including the smartphones in their pockets and the retargeting ads in their browser. How do you rise above the din and provide a personalized buying experience throughout the customer lifecycle?

Links in Emails of Chat Transcripts

Chat transcripts help admins keep tabs on agent performance and let agents keep track of what’s been discussed with customers and leads, all with the goal of improving customer happiness. A favorite customer feature of our live chat app is chat transcript automation — not only are chat transcripts created automatically from chat sessions and stored in the ClickDesk app, but they’re also automatically emailed to ClickDesk admins as soon as chats end. Now those emails include direct links to the transcripts in the admin dashboard.

Chat Transcript Automation Link from Emails

How to View All Live Chat Activity

Live chat interactions happen in real time, so your live chat reporting should happen in real time too. At ClickDesk, we’re committed to providing our customers with instant access to actionable live chat data. With that in mind, we’re especially excited to announce a new Chats Overview feature in the ClickDesk dashboard. Get a quick view of every type of interaction with your customers, including live chat activity, missed chats and offline chats (through the chat widget and our email helpdesk).

Live Chat Activity Reports with Chats Overview

4 eCommerce Benefits of Video Chat Software

We’ve written often here on the ClickDesk blog about the benefits of video chat for customer service, but how does live video chat affect your business? Can it really help with online sales? In short: yes. The effects are remarkable. As our ecommerce customers in over 100 countries have implemented the video chat option on their websites, we’ve discovered hidden ecommerce benefits of video chat software. Thanks to WebRTC, the open project for Real-Time Communications that powers our in-app voice and video chat feature, these benefits are now easily achievable by any size business. Video chat works directly in the browser, no extra installation required.

Video Chat Makes Everybody Happier

GetResponse Integration for Email Marketing

Want more leads? Want to nurture them automatically? Who doesn’t! But how do you ensure that your live support and your lead gen efforts are totally aligned? Say “hello” to ClickDesk’s new GetResponse integration. The seamless live chat integration with GetResponse’s  email marketing software and autoresponders is almost too easy. It helps you make a human connection with your current and future email subscribers, pre-qualify leads, and reach a level of customer engagement with customer happiness as a top priority. 

Live Chat GetResponse Integration for Email Marketing

Chat Transcripts from Last 24 Hours

How do you improve live chat productivity every day? Sometimes the simplest answer is also the most effective: review your own performance. Our live chat analytics are a powerful way to help your customer engagement team improve everything from agent performance and helpdesk response rates to live chat messaging and chat shortcuts. But we know that sometimes smaller is better, so we’ve also added a feature that lets individual agents quickly review all of their chat transcripts from the last 24 hours, right from the agent panel.

Live Chat Transcripts from Last 24 Hours

How to Convert Customers into Brand Advocates

Whether you’re establishing the online side of your business for the first time or in the process of setting bigger and bigger goals, there’s no one-size-fits-all formula for turning customers into brand advocates. Yet research shows that every brand advocate leads to three new leads. As a combined live chat and helpdesk app, ClickDesk offers countless different combinations of live support, offline helpdesk ticketing, email exchange, video chat, calls and screen sharing to increase sales and conversions and solve customer issues. Whatever the size or nature of your business, our customizable live chat software can help you convert customers into brand advocates, starting today!

Happy Customers

Hourly Chats Report

As online businesses get going with ClickDesk on their websites and apps, they start to pay close attention to our wide range of live chat and helpdesk analytics. In order to give you an even more detailed view of chat activity, we’ve enhanced our live chat reporting to make it easy for system administrators to check hourly chat counts. Admins can now get an accurate view of chat traffic broken down hourly and filtered by agent, department, or date range.

Hourly Chat Report

Missing Chats? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Nobody likes missed chats. When they pile up, your customers suffer and your business misses out. There are many reasons that a chat can fall by the wayside, so how are you supposed to know if you need to add more agents, make a technical change to your site or host, or do something else entirely to improve your answered-to-missed-chats ratio? To help you grow the smart way, we’ve enhanced the missed-chat functionality in ClickDesk to provide improved data and actionable insights for our valuable customers. We’re so excited about our new dynamic tracking of missed chats that we’ve given them their own report!

New Missed Chats Reports in ClickDesk

Filters for Chat Transcripts

Archived live chat transcripts help ClickDesk admins keep track of customer interactions. They are also a great way to gauge agent performance. We’ve recently enhanced our chat transcripts functionality to include a range of filters. You can now easily filter all previous chats using fields such as chat type and country/location. You can also search by text, in case you’re looking for chats mentioning a particular phrase or keyword.


ClickDesk App for Facebook

We’re excited to announce that ClickDesk now works as an integrated live chat app for Facebook fan pages. Our new Facebook integration lets customers reach you directly from your Facebook page. Many of you have sent us great feedback over the years about how the social toolbar on our live chat widget has helped you to increase social traffic and organic marketing for your brand. The new plugin takes our social media integration even further. Once your customers have found you on Facebook, they can now start a chat or open a support ticket directly from your business’s fan page.


Agent Activity Reports

ClickDesk’s reporting tools are a popular way to keep track of helpdesk agent activity, offering key metrics to help you improve agent performance and customer happiness. Our reports are particularly helpful for business owners who may have outsourced their live chat to other companies. Our new Agent Activity Report offers an even more comprehensive view of agent activity, including details such as the duration of an agent’s work session and the channels on which that agent was available (Agent Dashboard, Google Talk, Skype, Mobile App). Basically, it’s a view of agent presence.


New Report: Chats by URL

Marketers take note! Is your new landing page making a difference to customer growth and retention? Are a majority of your chats coming from an unexpected page on your website? Our new report showing chats by URL will help you answer these questions and a whole lot more. The latest in our new flurry of awesome reporting features, the Chats by URL report lists top pages where your chats are coming in from, letting you make smarter business decisions to increase both profit and customer happiness; with online support, the two goals go hand-in-hand.


Introducing Post-Chat Surveys

Ready to take customer engagement to a whole new level? In addition to multi-channel chats and awesome analytics, ClickDesk has now added a feedback loop to visitor communications. You web visitors can now have the option to complete brief surveys following chat sessions. You can customize the survey forms any way you’d like, then have the answers automatically emailed to your agents or admins. Post-chat survey popups improve customer satisfaction while at the same time helping to improve your business.


Introducing the Agent Performance Report

ClickDesk’s live chat and helpdesk analytics are the best in the industry. Why? Because our metrics and reports are designed to help you make better business decisions. The second in a big new batch of awesome reporting features, Agent Performance Reports give you actionable insights into agent performance across the board. With this customizable new feature, you can see what’s working and adjust what isn’t. How fast are agents responding to chats? Are agents who chat for a longer duration helping or hurting your bottom line? Don’t just guess how your agents are doing – analyze their performance and work together to improve customer success.


Introducing Chats by Country Report


Our development team has been hard at work on new reporting tools and enhanced analytics. We’ll be introducing multiple reports over the next few months to help you become even more productive and effective in engaging your web visitors, while giving you powerful business insights and actionable data. Online business is a global enterprise these days, so it’s no surprise that the first new, customizable report shows Chats by Country.

Visitor Path in Agent Panel

As a sales agent, have you ever wished for a more complete understanding of your customers and leads? Of course you have! It’s no secret that more precise information about your contacts means better solutions and more closed sales, but in the hectic online marketplace, a complete customer view can seem like something that only exists in dreams. Luckily for ClickDesk agents around the world, we like to turn dreams into reality. A number of ClickDesk operators have expressed the desire for a more complete view of their contacts and web visitors, and we’re excited to have created a new solution.

We’ve enhanced our agent panel to show the complete visitor path for the customers you’re chatting with. Before you even initiate a chat, you’ll now automatically see exactly which pages the visitor has been browsing, how they navigated through them, and which information on your website held their interest. Agents can make use of this valuable information to address the customer needs quickly and precisely. Customers get better support. Agents make quicker sales and resolve issues more smoothly. It’s a win-win.

This new visitor path feature is the first major update to our totally revamped live chat interface. We’ve been hearing great feedback about the streamlined interface and basic visitor info, such as geographical location, name, email, browser and transcripts of previous chats. The visitor path feature is a natural next step in creating a more complete picture of your web visitors.

We recommend adopting this new feature along with increased attention to our analytics and reporting tools, such as the agent activity monitor and coach, to help your customer success team be as productive as possible with the increased visitor info.

Don’t have a free live chat account yet? Sign up today and find out why over 130,000 businesses around the world trust ClickDesk to increase sales, conversions and customer happiness.


Enhanced Agent Reporting

Agents are at the heart of the customer experience and as your business scales, it can be hard to keep track of agent performance. That’s why we’re introducing two powerful new agent reporting features – Agent First Response Time and Average Agent Response Time.

From number of missed chats to average chat lines, ClickDesk’s live chat analytics are the best in the industry. Our in-built advanced reporting helps users to continually improve every aspect of help desk support. Enhanced agent reporting in ClickDesk will help you better understand the details of agent performance, improve response times, manage your help desk team more efficiently and increase customer satisfaction. The new metrics are available on a useful graph called Chats Response Time.


Integrating ClickDesk with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful platform for keeping track of website analytics. We’re excited to announce our new Google Analytics chat integration, giving ClickDesk users instant access to sophisticated chat statistics from their GA dashboard. With a few simple settings, you can get clear answers to questions like ‘How exactly is Live Chat helping my company?’, ‘Where can it be improved?’, and ‘Which operator has the best conversion rate?’


If you’re using Google Analytics for your website, we automatically detect your unique id and report events to your GA dashboard.