6 Ways to Enhance Customer Support with IM

Instant Messaging (IM) is an excellent way to keep in touch with friends and family. But it’s also the secret many businesses use to deliver high standards of customer support to their clients. While there are plenty of enterprise IM’s that you can purchase for your business, ClickDesk even offers a customized WordPress plugin that businesses can adopt for instant messaging. The advantage here is that you can answer chats and phone calls on your IM, through your computer or mobile phone.

live chat operator skype Here’s how live support on IM can help your business online:

  1. Deliver information quickly: Operators can use IM to respond to messages which are initiated on the website through live chat.This means you customers are guaranteed a quicker response rate.
  2. Real-time communication: When you take your business online, the ways and means by which you communicate with your customers automatically changes. One of the benefits to online ecommerce or business dealings is that customers expect their questions and concerns to be addressed immediately. IM helps you do this. You can either have a single control center for your customers to access or supply each of your business divisions with a separate IM widget, so clients can speak to divisional heads. By providing these niche streams, you instantly improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  3. Emergency communication: When customers have questions about failed orders or delayed transactions, it’s even more important your customer service team is available to them. The last thing you need is to have a disgruntled customer wait in queue to communicate with your staff. IM resolves this by allowing them to reach your staff when they need to.
  4. Increase security: Many enterprise IM’s have a feature allowing messages to be recorded. Concentrated about how your staff treats your customers? What kind of information is being shared? You can monitor conversations and safe guard your business sensitive data.
  5. Reduce phone bills: ClickDesk offers an in-built browser phone and local access number. In the event the customer needs to send messages to reach your support staff, they can use either this service or live chat with you, thereby reducing phone bills substantially.
  6. Increase efficiency: By responding to service requests immediately, you not only reduce wait time, but you can also resolve service issues at the first point of contact. You can track these issues and even schedule followup contacts. When combined,this significantly reduces the cost per interaction and increases over all efficiency. With IM, you can also handle multiple customers at once, thereby lowering your staff over head costs.