5 Tips to Provide Great Customer Service Using Live Chat

In today’s competitive and fast paced world, more and more business are looking for ways to grab the attention of visitors and are working on to minimize the cost spent to acquire a customer. Both traditional and digital marketing have proven to be very competitive in gaining a customer.
Of late businesses realized that  great customer service is one area which can make them stand ahead of the competition and grab loyal customers with less investment.
Here are few tips you need to follow to achieve more sales through live help.
ListenBest Customer Service Tips
Good customer service is not achieved by providing great responses, but by listening to the customer with curiosity and eagerness. Answer the chat only after being sure that the customer has told enough. Be proactive. Do not break the customers’ sentence in half and never get into an argument. You might win the argument, but eventually you shall lose the customer and your business.
Stick to basics
There are few small things that you need to follow to convert a general website visitor to a paying customer and also there are fewer more which can irritate the customer or leave him unsatisfied. Personalize your messages and minimize the use of copy paste text from your website.
Cmpltly avd SMS txt styl typng in liv hlp cht. Ths dosnt luk profsnl
You are not a bot!
Be precise with your answers. It is always great to speak about your business or upsell your services. But do it only after making sure that the customer is interested in listening to you and has got some time or is even curious in knowing more about your product. Reading or typing from a script shall not enhance the customer experience in a live chat.
Be welcoming and warm
Welcome the customer for taking the chat initiative for support. Encourage feedback and know how the visitor found your site if it is the first time. Show empathy, thank for the received complaints, promise to be resolved soon, be with the customer all through and put on hold if necessary for not more than 30seconds.Under
Promise. Over Deliver
Deliver exceptional level for customer service. Be sure to follow up on the resolution to make the visitor feel special. If something takes 2 hrs to resolve, ask for 6hours time and surprise them with 1hr resolution.
Finally, treat your customer as the same way you want to be treated by any other.
Great customer service is not a myth. There are companies that provide it. It happens not just with right customer service associates, but also with great live support services for websites. ClickDesk is one such service.