5 Steps to Customer Happiness

Are you having trouble prioritizing? Do you use a basic help desk ticketing software to keep your customers satisfied but think that you don’t have enough time to make them truly happy or connect with them one-on-one? Think again. Whether your business is launching tomorrow or you’ve been growing for years, reaching beyond customer satisfaction to customer happiness should be a top priority. We built the ClickDesk live chat app to make it easy to connect with your customers in meaningful, productive, measurable ways. How does customer experience (CX) relate to customer happiness, and is there really an easy path to get there?

Live Chat Software for Customer Happiness Cartoon

In our view, #customerhappiness is more than just a hashtag. It’s a key to customer growth and retention, it can solidify your organic marketing efforts, and it should be at the heart of any customer-facing company’s business plan. We’re proud to help over 120,000 online businesses engage their customers in real time. Here is our simple, proven 5-step plan for exceeding customer happiness goals.

5 Steps to Customer Happiness (Not Just Satisfaction)

  1. Connect in real time: Take a hint from happiness researchers and behavioral economists, who urge us to buy experiences, not things. ClickDesk live chat users know that real-time chatting leads to real results, but it can be easy to forget that you’re also selling the live chat experience to your customers. The first step to going beyond customer satisfaction to reach customer happiness is to implement a customer support solution that works in real time.
  2. Connect where your customers already hang out: The second step is all about being proactive, and making it easy for your customers to be proactive too. Is your online business active on social media? (You should be.) Are your customers and leads active on social media? (Yes!) With social media integration directly in your customizable live chat widget, our social toolbar makes it easy to connect with your customers where they already like to spend time. Your attention alone will go a long way toward increasing happiness, and if you integrate ClickDesk with Hootsuite you can even send personalized chat invites directly on Twitter. Live Chat Social Media Toolbar
  3. Put a voice to that text…and a face to that voice! The data is in and in-app voice and video chat means happier customers. It isn’t always necessary or even useful to escalate to voice or video calls with your customers, but in the right circumstances, making a face-to-face human connections can mean the difference between satisfied customers and happy customers in the long run. Learn when it works. Make the connection. Exceed your goals.Video Chat for Customer Happiness in ClickDesk Live Chat
  4. Go visual: There are many ways to go visual and the most effective methods will depend on your particular business. We’ve made it easy to share screenshots, web visitor screens, helpdesk agent screens, and links to more extensive resources such as pages on your site or FAQs, so there’s always a way to share the most useful visual information. Remember, you aren’t just sharing information, you’re helping your customers buy a product or run their business more effectively. When it comes to customer support, a picture is worth more than a thousand words.
  5. And if you aren’t online, let them know: Sometimes new live chat app users don’t want to display an offline message in the chat widget (eg. “We’re currently offline. Send us a message and we’ll get back to you ASAP.”). However, we strongly recommend always keeping your live chat status up to date. Remember that the most important thing for new leads and current customers alike is to know that they can reach you. (Are you finding regular bumps in chat traffic? Check out the chat queuing feature.) Make it easy to contact your company with minimal clicks, and strive for transparency regarding agent availability, visitor wait times and company response times. You customers will thank you :)

We hope that this post will inspire you to get up and running with a smooth live chat workflow, integrate social media into the customer experience, and use voice and video chat effectively. Remember to connect with us on Twitter to discuss the latest trends in customer service and live chat software, and don’t hesitate to get in touch to share your own experiences with improving customer happiness. We’re never more than a click away.