5 Real Reasons Your Business Needs Voice Chat

If you are an online retailer or customer service provider, you might be familiar with the many benefits live chat has to offer, including real-time assistance and reduced operational costs. Live chat works easily –simply subscribe to a live chat system or software; most companies will help you set up your account and you can get access to live help immediately.

But if you thought live chat was only about text chats, think again. Live chat also includes voice chat, which is a cost effective and efficient way of communicating with your customers online. Voice chat is not new –gaming systems have been using it for a number of years now to allow players to communicate with each other, via a simple interface that is integrated with the game. However, this principle can be adopted extremely successfully in the business world.

Here are 5 reasons why your business should subscribe to voice chat:

1. It saves you money: Voice chat does not cost you the way a phone subscription would. Think of the popularity of systems like Sykpe and you’ll understand why your business needs to invest in it. At Clickdesk for example, your customer can instantly connect with an operator and speak to them at length; your business can have local-access numbers in 40 countries; and you can connect via your web browser or skype.


Clickdesk voip phone

2. It saves you time: Voice chat lets you multitask efficiently – you can keep on chatting, while accessing documents, sending emails, and even text chatting. It doesn’t slow down your communication; in fact it helps boost productivity.

3. It offers you great response time: Synchronous communication is when two people connect at the same time. It’s also known as real-time communication, and voice chat is a perfect example of this. It allows you an immediate response, instant feedback and spontaneity. Need to clarify issues or get opinions? Voice chat can help you with both of these, eliminating the task of multiple calls and emails.

4. It allows you access to voice mail: Voice mail is a system that allows users to exchange personalized voice messages. You’ve probably used voice mail on your land line and cell phone. With ClickDesk voice chat, you can take advantage of this feature, and avoid the task of typing out an email or chat text.

5. It’s a great solution for contractors and freelancers: Globalization and outsourcing has meant that most service provides will work across countries, often never getting a chance to meet with their employees face to face. While text chat lets you gain instant access to these contractors, voice chat lets you authenticate their personality and gives you the chance to connect with them first-hand.