5 Quick Tips for Customer Retention in Startups

Customer retention is something that every business has to deal with. The earlier we draft a retention plan and start working on it, the stronger the loyal fan base for our business can be.
customer retention tips
Here are 5 best tips for customer retention:
One Click Support
The ‘wow’ factor matters. Provide your customers with one click live help on your website or call support to get their queries answered instantly from your website. Give nothing next to awesome support.
Socialize with your customers
Build facebook fanpage and twitter followers. Engage constantly with these ‘fans’ and ‘followers’ to turn them to brand advocates and loyal customers. Recognize the most active users in your circle and send them personalized emails thanking them. Invite few for a party or for your next beta product launch. Make each of your customers feel special.
Ask and Listen
Respond Fast. Let your customers know that you are seeking feedback to enhance the product or service you offer. Thank the customers who responded with personalized emails. As a startup, you do not have the luxury of time. Be quick in acting with the complaints before the world knows it.
Keep your customers excited
Contests, giveaways, freebies, limited time promotions and addons give instant push to your service when required. Contests combined with viral promotion spreads your brand far.
Give instant and free updates for your products and services. Send a monthly newsletter to the subscribed customers without fail.
Add value to your service
It is not just the product or service that determines the success of a business. Besides, factors like customer service, ease of contact, response and resolution times and people behind the service matters too. Be sure that all these aspects are balanced to keep the customers forever connected with your service.Build a  customer retention strategy at the phase of building your product itself. This gives you ample time to go over the strategy and make improvements. Have a dedicated person in your team to deal with direct customer feedback, complaints and suggestions. Let the same person in your organization maintain and update all your social platforms, newsletter, PR and blog.

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