4 Ways to Grow Your Email Marketing List with Live Chat

Email marketing has seen up trends and down trends over the years, but now it’s back to an all-time high. Everyone wants to generate leads and keep them engaged, but too many SMBs get caught up in the idea of growth hacking and forget that for your marketing to work, those leads need to be hot. Otherwise you’re just wasting energy and resources. What’s the secret to growing a high-value email marketing list? Here at ClickDesk HQ, we get as many questions about email marketing as we do about live chat software. Luckily the two smart business practices go hand-in-hand. Understanding how live chat software can improve both the size and the quality of your email lists can save you time and make you money in the long run.

Live Chat Email Marketing with ClickDesk

1. Focus on Self-Qualified Leads

Letting web leads qualify themselves might sound like a pipe dream, but it’s entirely possible and live chat software can help in many ways. Focusing on high-value leads is something that came up many times in Buffer’s extensive review of best practices for email list-building.

Always focus on building an engaged audience for your platform. When you want more than just subscribers, live chat software helps generally by encouraging interaction between interested web visitors and your support agents. Setting up proactive chat rules takes this one step further. With chat triggers and proactive rules you can target high-value leads based on their interests and browsing activity, then push them into targeted email marketing campaigns once they demonstrate real interest by responding to your proactive (automated) messaging. It’s like a mini version of larger marketing automation campaigns, available directly in your live chat software.

2. Implement Chat Surveys

The smart use of brief surveys is another email marketing growth hack, as long as you keep the surveys quick (do we need to say it again?) and you take the time to follow up manually.  You can show custom surveys either before or after chats, then review the results. Just make the email field is required. You’ll benefit from essential user data, in addition to new email subscribers for your lists.

Is a lead particularly interested in one feature of your product? Send them a personal email asking if they’d like to be the first to know about enhancements to that feature. When they respond positively, add them to your email marketing list.

Live Chat Surveys for Email Marketing List Building

3. Get More Email Subscribers with Double and Triple Landing Pages

Adding live chat to your website creates a double landing page. Even when you’re offline, you can collect emails from interested web visitors who might want to send you a message rather than entering their contact details in a newsletter signup form.

To take this practice even further, create a triple landing page by first adding live chat to your site, then sending a link to the perfect landing page for a particular lead while chatting with them about their interests and goals (think of this like a live, real-time version of a Google AdWords campaign). Our Goto URL shortcut for link sharing is the easiest way to do this during chat sessions, but you can also help them navigate to the right page over voice and video chats by explaining where to go and click (you might also get some useful insights into UX on your current site). Guide them through the signup process for your email list while still chatting with them.

Email Marketing Shortcuts with Live Chat Plugins for Marketing Automation

4. Integrate Email Marketing Automation

Finally accessible to smaller businesses, marketing automation is more than just a trend, and email marketing is at the heart of successful marketing automation campaigns. ClickDesk integrates seamlessly with email marketing automation software including iContact, GetResponse, MailChimp and Agile CRM. We also offer Zapier integration to connect ClickDesk with a ton of other apps. Integrating our live chat software with those powerful platforms lets you manage email lists during chats. Use chat shortcuts to instantly subscribe a web visitor to just the right campaign at just the right moment and reach new levels of success!

Subscribe Chat Visitors to Marketing Automation Campaigns