4 eCommerce Benefits of Video Chat Software

We’ve written often here on the ClickDesk blog about the benefits of video chat for customer service, but how does live video chat affect your business? Can it really help with online sales? In short: yes. The effects are remarkable. As our ecommerce customers in over 100 countries have implemented the video chat option on their websites, we’ve discovered hidden ecommerce benefits of video chat software. Thanks to WebRTC, the open project for Real-Time Communications that powers our in-app voice and video chat feature, these benefits are now easily achievable by any size business. Video chat works directly in the browser, no extra installation required.

Video Chat Makes Everybody Happier

4 eCommerce Benefits of Video Chat Software

  1. Average Time on Site: ClickDesk’s ecommerce customers report that when online shoppers enter into a video chat, they stay on the site an average of  4 times longer! Truly amazing, and great for sales. (Plus, customers who stay longer aren’t just more likely to make purchases, they also make better purchases and are less likely to make returns in the future.)
  2. 95% Branding: 95% Branding is perhaps the most remarkable hidden benefit of using live video chat on your ecommerce site. Do we mean just remembering the name of your company? No, even better! An extensive survey by the Customer Care Institute found that after 3 days, only 10% of online shoppers remember text, while 95% remember video chat. This benefit is essentially a free retargeting ad campaign.
  3. Word of mouth: Relating to benefits 1 and 2, we find that customers who’ve had a positive video chat experience with your online store are more likely to recommend shopping on your site, even if they initially contacted you over video chat about a return or replacement.
  4. Reviews: We’re not talking about reviews of your customer service, but reviews of your actual products. Not only does video chat increase the likelihood of a web visitor purchasing a product shown to them in a live chat session (70-90% in a variety of studies), but they are just as likely to leave a review of that product since they’ve made a human connection with your sales or support reps. This is a truly hidden benefit. Why spend extra time and money on campaigns for product reviews? Successful online stores know that if you build it (awesome customer service with the human touch of live video chat), they will come (the reviews, that is).

ClickDesk’s video chat software integrates seamlessly with every major ecommerce platform on the market, including Shopify, Magento and Bigcommerce. Install video chat on your site today in just a few minutes, and drop us a line with comments or video chat success stories. We’re here to help your business grow.