30,000+ views – Oppan Gangnam Style!

It’s the Gangnam style moment for us here at ClickDesk. On 28th March 2012, we released an intro video in Youtube explaining what ClickDesk does.

Today, after 1 year the video has reached over 30,000 views. The entire traffic & views come from organic search and partner sources. In a B2B SaaS, there’s no much scope for virality in a product video. And this 30,000 milestone shows how much people liked our service and the interest we generated through this.

clickdesk youtube video

This is the video we are talking about :)


Oppa Gangnam Style

Gangnam Style

Najeneun ttasaroun inganjeogin yeoja

Keopi hanjanui yeoyureul aneun pumgyeok inneun yeoja

Bami omyeon simjangi tteugeowojineun yeoja

Geureon banjeon inneun yeoja



Op, op, op, op

Oppa Gangnam Style

Gangnam Style


clickdesk intro video

Dance with us!