3 Ways to Share Visual Content During Live Chats

On Halloween, kids learn that sharing is caring, but here at ClickDesk our live chat customers use visual content sharing to increase ROI every day. The secret is to have at least 3 content sharing tools ready to go when you start your chat sessions. Here are the top 3 this holiday season!

3 Ways to Share Visual Content

Over the past few years, ClickDesk has grown into comprehensive live chat software with almost more features than we can count. While some real-time communications apps include a ton of features because they know that most customers will want to focus on the one that works best for their business, live chat is different.

As our users get to know the ClickDesk app, they tend to use more and more of our features and integrations to help them achieve even higher sales and marketing ROI. These 3 visual communications tools are a good place to start because they have all been shown to increase customer happiness and retention. Plus, you can start using them today!

1. Get a Screenshot

Sometimes just one screenshot can solve a customer issue or convince a lead to sign up. Often the reason a customer is confused or needs more information is because they need help with an online issue that you can solve immediately by seeing what they’re seeing.

Get Screenshot

Luckily, it couldn’t be easier to get a screenshot of your web visitor’s screen during a ClickDesk chat session, no matter how you’re logged in or which chat interface you’re using. In fact, it’s so easy that there are three different ways to do it:

  • Get Screenshot Button: This is the easiest way to get a screenshot from your web visitor. Just locate the Get Screenshot button below the text box in your chat window (next to buttons for link sharing, file sharing, etc.) and click on it. It’s that simple!
  • Button on Live Chats Map: ClickDesk’s interactive chat map is a useful way to track visitor activity and get lead details by simply hovering over pins on a real-time map. To get a screenshot when using Map View in the Agent Panel, just hover over the web visitor and click on the “Get Screenshot” button.
  • System Shortcut:  Successful live chat agents get to know and even add their own custom shortcuts. For screenshots, we’ve already built a system shortcut for you. From our web chat panel or even IM, you can use this screenshot shortcut to quickly get a screenshot of your chat visitor’s screen: /screenshot

2. Share Your Screen

When screenshots aren’t enough, sharing your screen in real time can solve customer issues faster than any other option. It’s also a great way to demo your product’s functionality. To make things as easy as possible, we’ve built system shortcuts for screensharing during live chats. We partnered with the awesome Join.me app to make this possible, so all you need is a (free) Join.me account and a ClickDesk account. Here are the shortcuts:

  • /screenshare lets you share your screen in real time. The customer receives a link in the chat widget. Once they click on the link, they see your screen.
  • /viewscreen gives your web visitor the option of sharing their screen with you.

3. Start Video Chats (Costumes Optional)

Screensharing and screenshot-sharing help to resolve customer issues and even up-sell products and services. Video chat, on the other hand, is ideal for making a lasting impression from live chats (especially if you’re wearing a Halloween costume and the customer on the other end of the chat is too! But don’t worry, costumes aren’t required).

Live Video Chat

ClickDesk’s 2-way voice and video chat work directly in the browser. No need to install anything extra, just make sure you’ve enabled video chat and that your web cam and mic are working properly. Agents or web visitors can launch a video chat with the video camera icon at the top of the chat window. For a 1-way video chat, which is common in modern customer support situations (if you want the visitor to see you, but there’s no need for you to see them), just launch a video chat and then tell the visitor not to allow access to their web cam.

Hint: If your customer support agents are new to video chat technology, have them practice video chatting with other agents. It literally pays to look professional!

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